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Hello! I'm MiaoYuen, a Southeast Asian artist from Los Angeles, California. I specialize in character design, illustration, and graphic design. I love travelling and tabling at artist alleys across California. Currently studying Global Health and Psychology at University of California San Diego.

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Please submit this form (Email preferred but social media DM is ok)
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Commission Type:
Deadline: (minimum 4 weeks, rush fees will apply for earlier deadlines)
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Preferred Poses/Details: (Optional)

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the terms outlined in my Terms of Service.

I will respond to you within 3-5 business days, if not feel free to send a follow-up

I only accept payments via Paypal invoicing (Stripe coming soon!)

Thank you so much for your interest!

Terms of Service

I. Payment

All commission base payments must be made upfront. I will not start the commission otherwise

I will start after I have received payment and all the required information.

Payment will be received via Paypal invoicing only

Please make payments in USD

II. Work Process

Work in progress screenshots (watermarked) will be set in between each step (initial sketch, lines, color, final touches). You must sign off in between each step before I will continue, NO ALTERATIONS will be made on the previous step or a revision fee ($10 USD) will be charged.

More frequent (watermarked) WIP screenshots will be provided upon request.

Minimum of 4-week turnaround time but this will vary depending on my own schedule.

Commission timeline will be given to you at the time of the commission.

I am a full-time student so I will let you know ahead of time if there may be a delay. If you have a deadline, please let me know at the start!

If you cannot wait for the estimated completion date, a rush fee of 100% base price cost added to the initial payment but do not expect an accepted commission.

At completion, you will receive a 300 dpi file. Either by email or via the invoice. Payment of the invoice is a formal agreement that you have received your file.

III. General Guidelines

As the artist, I reserve the right to refuse a commission request for whatever reason I see fit. Commissions are NOT first come, first served.

As the client, you must provide adequate visual references or I cannot continue with the commission.

Short supplemental text to help me better understand your OC is appreciated however, I will not read more than half a page of text.

More info/references = faster production time

As a rule of thumb, I will not do the following commissions, either because I am not comfortable with it or I do not believe I can create something I believe is satisfactory.

I will not draw the following:



Sexually explicit NSFW

NSFW is allowed HOWEVER I will not do anything sexually explicit and I reserve the right to decline a type of commission if I am uncomfortable with it.

Furries will not be accepted because I don't feel like I can produce a satisfactory product.

IV. Copyright + Reposting

I own the rights to all my works and therefore reserve the right to publish and repost in any means I like.

The rights to your own character will remain as your own and if posted, credit will be provided

Commercial use of my works is prohibited (no money can be made off of it whatsoever)

For commercial commissions please contact me

The commissioner is allowed to use, print for personal use, edit and repost the commissioned work. Credit is highly requested but not required.

The commissioner is NOT allowed to claim the work as their own under any circumstance.

V. Commercial Use

Commercial use for any of my works must be discussed with me directly

Vtube models already include commercial pricing HOWEVER additional fees will be applied for corporate usage (as compared to personal streams)

A written contract will be signed upon use of the commissioned work

VI. Refunds + Cancellations

No full refunds are available under any condition. Refunds will not be given past the initial sketch stage at a 50% base payment refund.

This is mainly because I cannot afford to spend my time on a piece and lose the income that I put in for the work that has been completed.

Tips are nonrefundable

I hold the right to decline or cancel a commission and refund the money after the payment has been received.

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the aforementioned terms.